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Welcome to Dr. Gilly's Home Page. I have been a Family Physician since 1985, with a practice in Columbia County beginning in 1990.
The Kinderhook Wellness Center, my private office practice, has been closed effective August 31, 2007.
I am now working full-time in Addiction Medicine.

On this site you will find information about Family Medicine on the National, State, and County levels.

Now featuring a Patient Education Archive and the AAFP Collection of Patient Handouts and Self-Care Flowcharts.

I have long supported the application of computers to clinical medicine, research, practice management, and patient education, among others. A crucial area of development is the Electronic Medical Record, or EMR for short. The explosion that is the internet has helped to accelerate this progress. My small contribution to this has been to keep track of some of the many worthwhile sources for medical information on the world wide web. The American Academy of Family Physicians' now offers aclearinghouse for computerization resources at the Center for Health IT.

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